The co-moderating team

These are my friends, colleagues and session partners:

On the left, José Rodríguez, a very famous webcaster in the Spanish teaching world. José is an elementary teacher in Los Angeles, California. He is a passionate webcaster dedicated to support the teaching world through his live programs on Puentes al Mundo (the Spanish version of Worldbridges). He is always willing to share all what he knows in the podcasting and webcasting fields and offers teachers many opportunities to exchange ideas, resources and materials. José was our Webcaster trainer. Thank you José for supporting us to become better teachers!!!

Miguel Mendoza (Mike), on the right, is an ESP university teacher at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). He is an ICT lover, a passionate graphic designer, a man with a lot of energy and organization. We have shared many scenarios. He is an old friend, colleague from the same university, members of the same Faculty, graduated from the same EFL master's program, Avealmec co-founder and executive board member, etc, etc, etc. He dedicated with love and enthusiam all what he could to every participant in this session. Congrats and thank you, Mike!!!